PR in The Age of Experience

PR in The Age of Experience
04 Jul 2016

98% of companies surveyed in a Forrester study said that customer experience is of strategic importance, while 28 percent ranked it as their first priority. Why is this such a hot issue in all the PR, marketing and branding efforts globally put by companies to attract and retain more customers? Because there’s a direct link between the effort – considering the fact that it is properly and strategically done – and the results: 70% of clients stopped doing business with a brand if the customer experience was poor, while more than 80 percent were willing to pay more (up to 5% premium) for a better customer experience (CX).

So, move over Age of Information, the Age of Experience is here to stay. And while the era of accumulation is taking the back seat, communication professionals seem to have reached thin air when dealing with the new challenges, present and future.

First, let’s understand where we are. When the Internet kingdom was formed, back in the early 90s, information was everything. Online information behemoths were ruling the Earth. Companies like Netscape, Yahoo, America Online (AOL) – just to name the very few which made billions and headlines – dominated the way information was handled all across the developed world. Without a Yahoo account you were… nobody. The world has started to build its ‘online presence’. The Internet was making gathering consumer data mining so easy and inexpensive. And we have been living like that till technology changed our interaction behaviour once and again, around 2000, when guys like Mark Zuckerberg were thinking of a way to get more and more people together, to share their stories, experiences and emotions. That’s how all this Age of Experience started: finding a way to do something useful, creative, attractive and measurable with all the data Internet was gathering since its very first day.

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